Friday, June 5, 2009

Time to get yo' praise own

So Im switiching it on and switching it off.
Breathing it in and breathing it out.

Im sick of complaining and being cranky and sensitive to anything negative. NO MORE!
I was going to write a note last week that....well complained really. About everything.

but HA.

Stick it.

So here it is.

I am loving this semester. I have 3 classes and 2 of them are Visual Arts ones. Rough I know.

My studio class has lead me down an interesting track- I was entirely schitzophrenic (I know I can't spell) and couldn't decide on a "thing" till I was wrestling with it so much that I *gasp* actually thought to give it to God and BOOM! Its now his and what I'm doing now is too great and intelligent that I couldn't have done it in my own strength, haha- truth, it actually has maths everywhere- I figured out the golden mean of the tabernacle to see if it matches up with Fibbonaci's philosphy of numbers and turned it into an abstract series.

We have a exhabition on June the 3rd. My first one. you see us teachers wern't supposed to be part of the graduating exabition cause its just for the BA's, so pish pash to that- and we have started our own one. And Im proud to be a part of such a multifaceted talented artists clan. seriously I think that we are on the brink of greatness here. You need to see it.

Speaking of multifaceted, I love that God has created in me (in all of us) multifacets. I love that I am not just one side of a box. There is a crazy art freak in me, a SAM leader/turn up to church board meetings late/meet with the president and embarass myself in me, a teacher who want's to teach rascals, a girl whos just a tad scared to grow up, a musician that needs to do more, and a operation hotness in me.
But I guess what I love more than....well multifaceted me.. haha, is the fact that God has created friends that meet all my needs. And that is total truth. Some may not be the best influence on me and some might be to much of a good influence, but still I have friends that I can call mine and for that I am entirely grateful.

Also I am free. here we are in a world that is in total bondage, I think of Joseph Kony's invisible children, the AIDS victams, orphans still waiting, those torn by war, those in spirtual captivity and those in my backyard in bondage of their own making.
I have this gift of freedom but with blessings come burdens so I am also grateful for my journey that I am now equipped to help in whatever way I am lead.

So there.
I am making a public pact to this week stop getting down when Im looking up. Seriously, I have such a temptation to be cynical and disappointed and ....well whatever. So NO MORE!

...and I encourage you to get yo' praise on too.

Lets be a magnet for attraction, not distraction.