Daniela who?


Well Hi,
This is me.
Full name: Daniela Rodica Ana-Maria Brown. All those names are important. Please memorize. Dad rekons with a name like this I should be presenting One News, not teaching music in a school. I personally disagree- Miss Brown is quicker to say. I wouldn’t like to have the nation watch me forget my name if a hot guy walked past.
Anyway anyway anyway…This is about what is in my hand.
God has a way of revealing my heart’s desires through conversations he had with old men.
God: “Moses….go to that scary man and free my slaves”….Moses: “With what dear Lizer?…ah I mean God?”…… God: “What is in your hand”?
And *poof* a nation was rescued by that stick.
What’s in my hand? A camera.
It’s a job, ministry and my passion.
Here’s me again, in case you forgot: