Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ring riiiiiiiiiiiing a ding.

I was looking at togs today (of all things) and the shop lady asked me something personalish and I blurted out something about being a teacherish. Then she observed how much teachers have to work in the holidays.

I totally corrected her.

As if- unless I become like a HOD of all the HOD's- whats that like a principal or something? I'd NEVER bring myself to come into school 8-4, 5 days a week- yagottabekiddingme. Seriously, work like ya got no life during the term, then spend hours milling round the mall searching for control undies (im in a wedding this weekend, its a must have).

Then she said something like "ah well, must be nice to have a break from the little uns". Then I muttered something about secondary students while under a few pairs of sunnies (im cool like that), she gasped, grabbed me under the arm, dragged me under better light and told my I looked to young to teach them.

HA- I suddenly got a flash back to my first practicum when I was 18- intimidating kids older than me.

Quote of the day: "If ya can't fake it...google to ya make it".

Oh swoooooooon, google. my best friend. I learn't how to photograph like a techicat, how to sing (www.tangle.com), how to teach yr 8's about the blues era, how to play I'm yours (Jason Mraz) on the ukulele- and more. When its just to inappropiate to ask the person sitting next to you in ch, or to ring your mum in the middle of the night- google will be there for you. If not google- then youtube.

So there you have it. A soliliqy exhibiting the signs of life that doesn't ring of...well bells.

Happy hols.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My new watermark

So I have been learning the ways of copyright- modal relase forms and the less creative side of photography. Not a pleasant process as my idealisism can alter my perception on reality, so all this is very new- the assertive photographer.

Anyway enough blah blah. Here is my new watermark/logo.