Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh mum. You smell nicer than my car.

So remember my blog about this time last year about mink blankie's? 

or this one about running away from a furniture store to mums hot drink?

Yeah well.

Im sitting in a coffee shop being stealth with the internet.
Because I got my internet router sent to the wrong address.


Point is.

I have moved. 
To a space I get to fill.
Again with the tears.
Again with the midlifey crisis moments.

Again with the awesome mum.

Far out.

She is better than that mink blanket.

She plodded down in the ute just so I could have the purple bookshelf I painted when I was a tween.

Actually not true.
She is a woman.
Who knows about the width of curtain pleats.
She also knows that red towels need to be washed separate.
She knew that the black couch would be more practical, but encouraged me to get the red one cause it was more me.
She also asked the questions to the scary german landlords while I peeked out from her apron strings.

She gave me hug.
That almost undid me. 
Then did me back up again.

Oh wow mum. 
Thanks for coming on that first grocery shop with me as an adult.
Magic words: "You get whatever crackers you like dana".
ICANWHAT????? Oh sweet choice. haha.

So mum.
Cheers to the hottest cat in the block.

I love your blondeness for ever. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

OOOOO. New site. (Without the need for glasses).

So there it is. A new website.
Pretty sure I'll never delete this blog though.
I like talking while I type to much.

Im interested in what you think too. I'm pretty much painting by numbers when it comes to this whole maybe one day i'll be a professional creative thing.

Here's a picture too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If a picture tells a thousand words- my video just took over a magazine.


I rekon you should see how awesome my holidays have been.
-And still are I spose.

Holiday's are a state of mind.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Discoveries

Just thought i'd share my experimentation. 
No pressure. Full on sunshiney flavoured experiments.
All on a precious Sabbath. 

Here a pic I took of my friend playing with the framing of the shot- lanscape or portrait. Totally changes the 'fahlavour' of the image. 

I tried dappling with lanscapey shots. But my faux ADHDness got the better of me. And I lasted one shot.
I know for a fact I prefer people. They talk back to you and may laugh at your jokes. 

I love artistic temperaments. different creative personalities. 
He draws and I paint. 

So I also decided to flip the 200mm lens and take a pic through it using the Manual focus on the other tinesque lens.
Could potentially be rad with a(lot) of tweaking. 

Oooo random one- Late at night. Cant remember the settings. But I do remember getting ted to run. lots. 
HA. While I stood there. Being awesome. 

And this is me. 
With a bit o tweaking in Iphoto. 
I love Mac flavoured products.