Saturday, December 26, 2009

So the last month has hosted loads of change for me.

I graduated.

At Avondale College- its not just a boring 2 hour service-  its a whole weekend shabang.

The friday night was the coolest- only because I was part of the 'stomp' fest that the graduands marched in to.

This is me doing mah thiing.

For the most part I was resembly happy about it all. I was the staunch one that told the other hankie's to clean it up and get over it.

Until the official morning of graduation. I woke up- with one of my friends in the the room (she had travelled over from NZ for it) and burst into tears.

It hit me- I was actually leaving. Leaving these hot people:

But still I had done it.

 4 yrs. Practicums, music reciatals, exhabitions, festival of faiths. all done.

I was sad about it all- minus the red tape/finance dept. I was sooo glad to rid myself of them.

Or so I thought. I came back to nz all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Only to get slapped by NZQA- the international version of Avondale's finance dept. They gave me a whopping $930 fee to get my teachers registration. Aaaand they had shocking on hold music- only to be rivalled by their attidude.

I must admit- I had good training from my 4yrs at Avondale- so I gave as hard as I was given. but I didn't win, plus my call was being recorded- and I did really want to get a job.

But the whole experience has opened my eyes to the new life ahead of me. The life where I have to fend for myself. A life that doesn't really care about my religious affiliation or my sexual orientation. As long as I have my taxes paid and my rego is new- we're all good.

Part of me is itching to get 'out there' and give it 'em. But the other part wants to still run behind mums apron strings.

However- as attractive and scary as it is- I am being pushed out of the nest.

I am moving to Tauranga. Teaching at Bethlehem College.

But here is a pic that warms my heart and will do when I am looking at it in admist grimy teachery stuff in the heart of the jungle.

Christmas in my house. Yum.

I shall be updating this from time to time. My theme at the moment- contradiction.

Photography v's teaching- can I have both?

My cooking v's mums- should I start learning.

Growing up v's staying the same height.