Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exhabition Jitters

My mind is buzzing.
I did a photoshoot today (pics soon) in the 100 acre wood (or at l;east thats how I explained it to the 3yr old).
And now I can't sleep. I have figured. If I haven't 'fed' my brain artistically. I have no hope sleeping.

In other news, It is the morning of my Graduation Exhabition. wow. This could be sadder if I indulged myself. I am trying to be stoic.

The 'theme' we were given for the exhabition was 'I AM'. This wasn't intended as a fluffy shmizzle excuse of a self-portrait.
But really we had to get to the core of what the dribble was about. It was like we wrote down what we were about, the core of us, what drove us. We then screwed up that piece of paper and re-wrote it. Then screwed it up again. And again. The result is a very raw exhabition.

My exhabition is all about yearning and seeking out what is hidden.
This woman is hidden.
I have always reached for her.
I have never seen her face.
All I know is that she exsisted at one point in more life. My birth.

So what happens when I tap her on the sholder and she turns around?
Whats the real, raw result of this search?
It's me.
I find me.
The apple never falls to far from the tree.

Thats confronting- to tell yourself you are like the person you are hidden from the most.
But its releasing.
It means I can be a daughter to my real mum and dad.

I am me.