Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I dreamed a dream in time gone by................

Its Time.

I have been on a 10 day church camp.
Before I left, I prayed that God would reveal to me what he wants- basically commiting myself to him. For me to return to what I once was.

So that week, through the incidental moments that you had to 'be there' for, not through the speakers or the programs, God reignited in me a passion and a purpose.

So I was born in Romania. Taken to an orphanage at birth- the other details are hazy/and to sensational to bother with. Its was footage of the orphans after the revolution that inspired my beautiful parents to adopt.
 There is no doubt in my mind that there was no other option in my life- other than to end up a kiwi, in a beautiful family with a heart for God. Absolutly no other option.

So it is no suprise either, that God had lead me to return to Romania. No other option.
Here's a picture (I didn't take it) that is the icon of my return:

This is what I would love to do: (pending God's actual design for my future to be revealed), Go to Romania-armed with a camera, a savings account and a heart to listen.

So for the next 2 yrs- while in a beautiful job, I want to save like no other, take Romanian classes again (I really only know the swear words), buy camera equiptment and team up with a group- either a ministry group or a journalist team.
Then go to Romania and see where God leads. To take footage of the orphans still there to rise International awareness, to start a studio, teach in a school, work in an orphanage, tell my story- where ever he needs.

It reminds me of Moses- he returned eventually to the land he came from to bring his people home- now I know I'm no wilderness majician- but God used what was in his hand- a staff. He will use whats in my hand- a camera.

Here is a verse that is going to be the promise I continually claim these next to yrs- 2 Colossions 5:14.
If I read two versions of the same verse they say "The love of the lord constrains me". Or: "The love of the lord compells me".

Compell and Constrain. Push forward or restrain.

oover the next 2 yrs, I need to be sensitive to God pushing me through the times when my motivation ceases and 'reality' checks in. To inspire me when I have forgotten the dream I once had.
Also I need to listen to God slowing me down, making me think properly about things- not in a flood of emotion and flinging it all away in the heat of the moment. To plan and take it in his time and plan it all properly.

Compell and Constrain. Its kind of a mantra for all aspects of my life anyway. Im so darn impulsive then get immediatly forgetful.

Here's another pic (not mine either) to finish up on.