Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Inspiration

Snaps of freedom, passion and beauty.

Early in the morning is precious. Its really living. This morning the fog was out. God had placed the best filters in the sky and I wore barefeet. 

This was taken at the residental banquet at college. That year I was the yearbook photographer. I also have the habit of lying down to a)get the right angle and b0 resting while getting the right angle.

Hands. They are raw, naked and honest. You can't hide them. They do everything, They are emotive. You can tell so much by a persons hands. These are kush's hands. I don't even think she will remember this shot. She was mid-gesture, in a heated moment talking about what she was going to speak about at church that weekend.

The VW, beauty, perfection and my passion. This was taken on christmas day 08. We were volunteering at a soup kitchen and when we were walking out I saw this car and melted. I have had a mild obsession with vw's since I knew what a car was. My dad is a Hot Rodder with a garage bigger than his house- so a daughter with a vw fetish doesn't bode well for his fourtune.

Anyway I ran up to this car and the nice old couple inside, gushed a bit and nearly got batted over the head with the lady's umbrella. Perhaps I took it too far. Anyway I got this pic.