Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Discoveries

Just thought i'd share my experimentation. 
No pressure. Full on sunshiney flavoured experiments.
All on a precious Sabbath. 

Here a pic I took of my friend playing with the framing of the shot- lanscape or portrait. Totally changes the 'fahlavour' of the image. 

I tried dappling with lanscapey shots. But my faux ADHDness got the better of me. And I lasted one shot.
I know for a fact I prefer people. They talk back to you and may laugh at your jokes. 

I love artistic temperaments. different creative personalities. 
He draws and I paint. 

So I also decided to flip the 200mm lens and take a pic through it using the Manual focus on the other tinesque lens.
Could potentially be rad with a(lot) of tweaking. 

Oooo random one- Late at night. Cant remember the settings. But I do remember getting ted to run. lots. 
HA. While I stood there. Being awesome. 

And this is me. 
With a bit o tweaking in Iphoto. 
I love Mac flavoured products.