Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Discoveries

Just thought i'd share my experimentation. 
No pressure. Full on sunshiney flavoured experiments.
All on a precious Sabbath. 

Here a pic I took of my friend playing with the framing of the shot- lanscape or portrait. Totally changes the 'fahlavour' of the image. 

I tried dappling with lanscapey shots. But my faux ADHDness got the better of me. And I lasted one shot.
I know for a fact I prefer people. They talk back to you and may laugh at your jokes. 

I love artistic temperaments. different creative personalities. 
He draws and I paint. 

So I also decided to flip the 200mm lens and take a pic through it using the Manual focus on the other tinesque lens.
Could potentially be rad with a(lot) of tweaking. 

Oooo random one- Late at night. Cant remember the settings. But I do remember getting ted to run. lots. 
HA. While I stood there. Being awesome. 

And this is me. 
With a bit o tweaking in Iphoto. 
I love Mac flavoured products. 


  1. I just showed mum all your facebook photos youve taken this summer, she was going on about how good you are at photography. so feel special.

  2. i love that pic of you at the end. ...and that LOL, just had to share...i saw those pics of ted as thumbnails on FB and thought, oh Dana must be doing another photo shoot with a random...i really wasn't aware it was him!! Looks different...maybe it's the 'do. Anyways...grrreeeat photos..i wanna go back to NZ sooo bad right now.
    Xx Seeing Esther today, ahhh, first year memories.