Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IExpose. Epic Post 1.

So apart from teaching little jellyfish how to sting.
This is what else 2010 tastes like:

A harmonica sourced by my bro. Complete with the cigarette ash from the original owners: 

Oh BOY. this doesn't even need a caption. 
I have missed NZ cocoa beans.

A faure into the adult host world.The turks would have been proud.

I play in this ground:

This is my bro.
Being all natrual like.

At a Market.
I found where fairies pursue the glitter circus and play in gold dust.

While i in the meantime turn my winter stumps into a golden compass. 

So you might recognize the author.
This is better than "eat pray love". 
I figured that out all by myself, before I even read them both.

Her most famous one.
I think I was more excited to photograph it. 
No thats not fair.
I would like to write a quote's book from her musings and claim the royalties.

My photo will one day be on the front.
no not me. 

At the hairdressers.
I caught my gown, the table and the wall playing nicely together.

This my new 'do.
Can't do much with it.
Cept look rad.
(haven't heard that word much in NZ, rekon I'll start).

Oh vintage cheese. you always taste the best.
I want to be this Rad then.

(she was marching in the brest cancer walkathon)

 Romanian Food!!!!!
Oh hello tummy.
didn't notice you INVADING my hotness.

Bluddy Romanians.
Always trying to get you to pay for it.

This is my mum. 
Can you believe I'm going to her 60th in a week?

On the slosh.
virgan all the way.
I love Flying Burrito Bro's- they make the best non alco drinks.

its on my road trip to and fro the big smoke.

This is Dad.
He's trying to explain something.
But I'm not listening.
Oh swoon balloon. 
He has 2 VW's in his garage. 
We (loose term I know) are going to cut and paste the two into a smooth mobile.

 This is the '66

Aww, isn't my dad a champ?

 And this is the '69.

Back to food.
Italy. you can keep your men.
But certainly not your taste in decor. or food either.

This is a piano accordian.
And its upside down.
Thats me holding it.

And to Finish with:
So remember a blog post about dankness?
This was me trying to escape that.
If your feeling ugly.
Surround yourself in beauty.
Then claim it for yourself. 

PS- thats an original quote. Don't steal.