Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mating Season.

So its mating season.

Has been a while actually.

The calls are unique.
Some are attractive and husky.
Some are downright crass.

However. This year I am a puppet. Gepetto upstairs is my match maker- No, not 'the man upstairs'.
Just the cheif to my indian.
I hope he remembers what it was like running around barefoot in the woods.

This time last year I had finished carving my jigsaw piece.
I placed it on the table.
At the same time a school was carving out their piece.
Happened to be the same pattern as mine.
And that how a baby is made.

The point is it worked.
9 months later, Im still here. I survived. And my piece is still on the board.
One little part of the bigger picture.

I guess I'm just having a flash back moment to where I thought the world would combust into fairy lights and rainbows as soon I announced my arrival into the 'market' after graduation. But really all it did was grunt and shift over to make room for me.

And for some reason this comforts me.
It's a peaceful moment.
I belong.

I can still hear cat calls as I walk down the street.
Whether its the echo of lovers gone,
Or the whisper of new unions.

But I know, that for now.
I am here.
I belong.