Monday, February 15, 2010

Snatch the moment. Seize the day. Carpe damn.

One ear is blocked and I have the headace that comes with self-induced ADHD'ness.
My implusivness is in overdrive.

This post has nothing to do with teaching/school/work/boys.

I have never set up a life before on my own. I can make any decision and pay the consequesces. And by pay I mean....Pay. I got my first measly pay (NZ beurocracy has red taped my salary to their 'pending' box). Truly- if I decide I can't hack it living like a nomad, I could rent a 4 bedroom apartment in the lusted area of the hood- and have no money for dental floss. Or I could lie to myself and say that living out of a cardboard box with seedy old men is heaps artsy and gypsy like, but my foot would be hard on the exaggerator and potentially fatal.

In the last couple of weeks I've looked at so many flats with so many different flat 'mates' or should I say flat 'geezers' and 'marms' that my head is spinning. So much that its full of mucus and I can only breathe with one nostril.

Its actually been very hard. Money sucks. Petrol sucks the money and growing up sometimes sucks.

Anyway, anyway, anyway- I'm overtired and sick of being sick.

Life is really lala. But I do need to buy running shoes and the world will be clearer.
But first I need to pray. Not like I did before in between mouthfuls of flat hunting- but before breakfast. Before the very first spoonful of Daniela is dished up for the day.

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  1. so some of this is gross. But real, so i like it. I absolutely LOVE "Before the very first spoonful of Daniela is dished up for the day" it's like the part in a movie or a song, where you discover why they named it what they did.