Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Jac Attack

So we didn't go to the Jac Banquet (university formal). Instead I begged and swore on my life.... that I would protect the lights and studio equiptment. And I did. And for that I am proud. I can set up a studio. Ha! I even proved myself wrong.

ooo I digress.....I have a schmicky watermark.

So anyway we secretly announced that the studio was set up and voila! here are some shots of a few people that came through- we earn't le grande total of $6.

So after we did these saucy cats...

We got in on it. We dressed up like we went to the Jac, then we got changed...and changed and changed. Im such a girl.

Cue self timer and goofy dances.


And this is where I break my promise to the nice studio guys.

Step One: I leap.

Step Two: I run.

Step Three: I photograph the clean up...note- Photograph- not Clean

 Then we are back on track.

I swear I'm not naked- but I have to credit Ted for being a very male photographer.

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