Friday, November 6, 2009

Jasmine * Photo competition

Ok so there are 2 people in the world I totally admire. I've said it for ages. Cindy Morgan for her amazing singer songwriter talent and Jasmine Star for not only her amazing photography- but her accessible success story- she's so real that it feels like I can do it.

I never thought I would meet them, but Jasmine Star has the photographic competition that means if I take this pic:

-A self-portrait with a 'star' somewhere in it...

I'm in the running to win a free seat to her workshop......wait for NZ!!!! Back home!!! I never thought she'd come to nz- this is like my one chance.

So here's what I did:

I jumpt up on stage at my University's evening church program during the announcements.... looked like a fool and announced I needed them to help a sistah in need (epic timing- straight after the plug for a concert raising funds for a slavery project).
So anyway after the service I got them to form a 'Star' on stage and I raced up to the sound and lighting desk, stood on the platform and pressed the self timer.

Here's the progression to get the pic...

The modals....


Me taking over the entire image- smooth.

So here's the final pic!

But in case that one stinks Jasmine, I really want to I grabbed this shot. With the starry lights.

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