Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rather important post:

So its the eve of my 23rd birthday.
This will be a short post.

On the eve of my 20th: "flip. 10yrs ago I was 10. In 10 yrs time I'll be 30".
On the eve of my 21st: "yay, mum and jaxon are here"
22: not much.

Tonight: "The next time the second didgit of my age matches the 1st will be when I'm 33: The age Jesus was when he died".

Random bit of wisdom after my last shower as a 22yr old: Make sure you don't leave your wet red hair on white tiles. It will leave pink lines everywhere. Unless you own the tiles- then take a photo of it and sell the prints on trademe.

Here's a pic of me in case you forgot what I looked like.

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